Who We Are

Clean, Creative and Professional

Lighthouse Web DesignLighthouse Web Design, Inc. is a Denver web design firm that creates professional, clean and creative websites for businesses and non-profit organizations. Since our inception in 2001, our websites have offered high standards in usability, design and architecture. It has always been our mission to deliver our clients first-class websites at competitive prices. Maintaining a high level of customer service has also been of utmost priority.

Experience, Honesty and Integrity

We understand that it can be difficult to grasp all of the facets of having a successful web presence online. We consider it our duty to help our clients understand their options while educating them about the web at the same time. After designing websites for over a decade, you can trust Lighthouse to answer your questions with honesty and integrity. We take business ethics seriously and we know that our clients deserve consulting that places their interests before our own.

Lighthouse Web Design We invite you to compare our portfolio and prices to other web design firms in the area. We are confident our work, client testimonials, customer service and competitive prices speak for themselves.

Meet Wes Marlan, Owner

Wes Marlan, Owner of Lighthouse Web Design, Inc.

Wes Marlan opened the doors of Lighthouse Web Design in 2001 after graduating from Colorado School of Mines (BS in Computer Science, Math). He was highly motivated to start a web design company that offered clean designs, a high level of customer service (which the IT industry rarely provides), and pricing that small businesses and non-profits could afford. From having his own paper route as a kid to running a lawn mowing business as a teen, Wes has always had that independent spirit to strike out on his own.

In his free time, Wes enjoys watching the local Denver sports teams, playing tennis and golf, strumming his guitars, pounding his drums, listening to a lot of music, reading good books, and hanging out with his best friend and wife, Rachel. If he wasn’t doing web design, you’d find him aspiring to be a writer or teaching history at a Colorado high school.