Have you seen ads on television, or the internet, that promise you can get a professional business website for just a few dollars per month? Ever wondered whether it might make sense to just skip the custom web design process altogether and use one of these do-it-yourself templates?

Most of the business owners we work with have at least considered the possibility. It makes sense – the majority of them are working with tight budgets and schedule constraints, so a tool that allows them to hold onto more of their time and money would be extremely convenient.

It’s worth asking: Do you really get a business website for a few dollars per month on Wix or similar service? As it turns out, the answer isn’t necessarily straightforward. Let’s look at the reasons why…

You Can Get a Website for Very Little by Using a Template Service

The first thing to know is that you absolutely can use a service like Wix to get a low-cost business website. It might lack some key features and functions (more on this in a moment), but if you know enough about computers to drag pictures and type in text then you know enough to put your website online with one of these companies.

That can make them a great resource for certain types of businesses. Startups with no capital, for instance, or home-based businesses that are being built to generate a few dollars of site income. In those situations, it doesn’t make sense to turn to a professional web design agency when all that’s needed is one or two simple webpages.

But it Might Not Be the Website You Need for Your Business

Now to the other side of the coin. Assuming your business is bigger or more complex than a side hustle, a service like Wix might not give you what you need even if it does match your budgetary wishes.

Because these DIY templates are just generic layouts with content blocks that need to be filled in, they are big on simple aesthetics but low on functionality. In other words, they don’t offer you a lot if you plan on taking advantage of search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, online lead generation, or social media marketing (as examples). You might recognize these as tools small business owners use to generate revenue.

Another issue is that DIY web templates are coded with dozens of fonts, picture blocks, and drag-and-drop tools. These make it easy to get the right look for your website but necessitate tons of extra HTML that isn’t needed. All of that additional coding can slow your website down, making it cumbersome for customers to interact with. And, it’s almost a certainty that your business website will look like dozens of others, which makes it difficult for you to stand out in your market.

The bottom line: If you’re looking for a functional website that helps your business grow, you’re almost always better off working with a custom design and programming team instead of a DIY template. The difference in cost might not be nearly as significant as you think, but the benefits to your business are almost certain to be.

Looking for the Best Answer for Your Business?

If you’re looking for more than an online brochure for your company and you want to put together a web presence and online marketing plan that leads to real revenue growth, then we should talk. Schedule a free consultation with our team today so we can show you how to leverage your competitive strengths to find more customers over the internet.

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