Web Marketing

Effectively marketing your business online is a crucial step in achieving success for your company. There are many ways Lighthouse can help you market different facets of your business. Here are some ways we can help with website marketing:

Email Marketing

Denver Email Newsletter DesignEmail marketing is a powerful way to reach your current clients with new products, services, and events. Small businesses need effective methods to engage new customers or build loyalty with current clients. A customized, branded template designed by Lighthouse is a perfect way to achieve this. Even if you already have a website built by another company, Lighthouse can still design an email template that will match your website for cohesive branding purposes. Features for your newsletter account include tracking, click reporting, self-managed lists, social media links, and more.

  • With your email newsletter, you have the power to instantly communicate and market to all of your clients in a very short amount of time. Contact us for an email template design quote.


Denver Blog Design HelpBlogs have been around for years but many businesses fail to harness their marketing value. WordPress Blogs can boost your search engine rankings with informative articles, trackbacks, tags, keywords and more. Since blogs are updated frequently, users sometimes tend to bookmark blogs more than the company’s home page. Lighthouse will install your WordPress blog directly on your website and skin it in such a way to where it matches your current web design.

  • If your website doesn’t have a blog, talk with us and we can give you a quote on what it would cost to implement it on your website.

Event Marketing Online

Successfully promoting an event can be difficult. One inexpensive way to get the word out to your customers is by using your website. Not only can you display event information on your website, but you can go further by embedding Google Maps, creating social media links, and building a simple RSVP form where a user can register for the event online.

  • Contact us about your event. We can help you make it a success by effectively promoting it on your website.

Other Marketing Services