Most of the business owners we know don’t enjoy writing blog posts. And, a majority of them would say they don’t have time to create content, anyway. For that reason they’ll look at any app, tool, or trick that helps speed the process up.

However, most never try the one thing (other than hiring special copywriting) that would make business blogging easier. What’s this hidden secret? Simply doing it more often.

Set a Daily or Weekly Writing Schedule

Here is why blogging becomes less of a challenge when you set a daily or weekly writing schedule:

  • Creating content is like any habit.
    The more you do it, the less intimidating it seems in your mind. It’s a lot easier to be creative when you’re relaxed, but that takes practice and repetition.
  • When you write regularly you literally change your brain chemistry.
    Writer’s block disappears because you get good at making connections and coming up with new topics.
  • The more you post to your blog, the easier it is to generate results like more leads or better SEO for your website.
    It takes a little while, but once you see improvements you want to keep going. So the habit becomes self-reinforcing.

This all probably seems intuitive to you. It’s not exactly a secret that continuity and consistency are important in marketing your website. Still, take this as a reminder that blogging will never get easier until you get started. Shouldn’t you sit down at your keyboard today?

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